February 22, 2010

My Musical Genius :)

We all have a song inside our heart that we always sing. This song makes us uplifted, relieved and loved. We are all musical geniuses on our own selves; we just all need the courage to express ourselves. “My Musical Genius” is a poem dedicated to everyone who have inspired others to do their best, to find the song inside their hearts, who have the capabilities to make others smile. We all have that special someone who lightens our world, right? :D

My Musical Genius

I may never be the great musical genius;
My voice is terrible; my tone is disastrous.
I may be the object of humiliation,
Still my heart is singing with inspiration.

I may not match your voice, your mighty singing voice;
I don’t create music, because I create noise.
Here is the microphone in front of my vocals,
A bad tone is uttered; the result is fatal.

I don’t play the guitars the way everyone strums,
Nor the harmonica, the way everyone hums.
I drift out of timing and I ruin all songs;
The lyrics go rumbly, and the tone is all wrong.

I may not have the beat to match the way you drum;
You turn all things alive; you make everyone come.
You make everyone dance; you make everyone sing;
In the times of silence, it’s happiness you bring.

I may not play the flute the way you blow it smooth;
On a calm summer day, it’s everyone you soothe.
Nature will come closer to sing with your music,
And yes, your masterpiece is truly a classic.

I don’t play the piano, my hands are just too slow;
I do not have the notes to make affection grow.
I am a plain person amidst a music world,
Armed with no melody, no great beat and no words.

The chords seem to fail me; the strings resist my pluck;
My hands are aching now; I’m running out of luck.
The music sheets are blurry; the notes appear obscure;
My voice is in its worst; I need to find a cure.

And you were there singing my favorite lyrics;
You were smiling at me as you showed me music.
Gracefully, vibrantly, you pulled me back to life,
Away from the silence, away from the frowns and strife.

And then I sang a song, and hit all perfect notes,
And every word I cry, I feel my body float.
My strums on the guitar, a light and crispy chime,
The lyrics that I sing, a pure poetic rhyme.

My tempo was superb; my pitch went excellent,
And every tab I pressed filled in my lost content.
The beat is inside me, setting my heart to flight,
My one burning passion – one song suited me right.

My feelings just went out, unheard of, unspoken.
With you, I felt inspired; my heart grew enlightened.
And with your melody, you raised me up above,
And then I heard this song – a song that I call LOVE.

The soft hums of my breath, and the beat of my heart,
The symphony of life, an orchestra of art,
You will always stand as my musical genius,
You taught me the best song – it is my love to you. :)