March 30, 2010

For Antigone V

and this is the continuation of the For Antigone series. This is the fifth installment of the story and this was last updated December 20. whew. haha. that was more than three months ago. Anyways, here I go again, telling the story of Haemon and Creon, at Alvin's house :) woot!

Minutes after, Chica arrived, and at last, we are able to copy the files from Julia’s memory card. Chica was laughing out loud upon seeing the bloopers, and I am noticing Alvin’s big brother staring at us like he wants us to go out from the house. His brother began to speak Kapampangan, by which I do not understand. The tone was deep, and it seems like his brother was annoyed by something. I started to show my silence.

Then, he said that why don’t we use the laptop. I have nothing to answer, for it is Alvin who he is talking to. Alvin stood, and borrowed the laptop from his sister. Her sister said that by 30 minutes, she’ll be finished using the laptop.

Finally the laptop was there, and in front of me now were odd set of gadgets, never have I seen two keyboards and two monitors all in one computer desk. When Alvin asked me to do something on the computer, I was really confused as to which mouse and keyboard to use. Alvin is really a computer addict, for he got easily used in handling two computers.

When his big brother left for a minute, Alvin said, “Do not worry…” and he began to type in Notepad the words, “gusto lang niya maglaro. (He just wants to play)” and put the mouse arrow in the icon of Chaos Online.

Alvin began transferring the giant file of the setup of Adobe Premiere CS4 to a removable storage device for transfer to the laptop. It took sixteen minutes for it to finish transferring, and during that time, we are just chatting and laughing at the stolen shots and bloopers.

His brother complained, “Now that you have the laptop, why don’t you go downstairs?”

“We need the internet connection,” he said.

“Then, I’ll just open the router,” his brother suggested.

Things then seemed to be settled. I do not know what the hell are they talking about but their conversation in the language of computers make me feel dizzy. Then, his brother began to plug and unplug cords, outlets jacks and sockets, which I have no idea on what it is for. Alvin began to carry the laptop downstairs, and of course, unfamiliar to what is happening, I just followed my father, Alvin, on where he is going. He asked us to just sit down, while things in their computer world are being settled.

I listened as Kervy chatted with Alvin, and I discovered that routers are used to spread the Internet connection to a wide area. So, even if the laptop has no internet connection, the router will spread the connection wirelessly so even the laptop can have the connection without the use of any wires and cords and without installing anything. All Alvin needs to do is to do a few clicks and he is already connected.

“Ok! Let us start the shoot!” I said.

We just waited for the rain to stop and Kervy began fitting on his royal costume. Oyea, it is really royal. Chica also started fitting his, and it is more royal than Kervy’s. I am laughing at Chica because of his Holy Week costume. Hahaha! :D

On Alvin’s mini-landscaped garden, they started to shoot. The scene was when Haemon, straight from the city of Athens, went to his father, Creon, to try to persuade his father to not carry on the punishment to Antigone, which is Haemon’s fiancĂ©. The title of the act is “Futile Persuasion”, and it is one of the acts that we wish to include in the film for it is one of the most important.

We started out with the sun firmly on its place. No fluorescent bulbs were open back then, and the road outside of Alvin’s house was still alive with vehicles passing by. Our movie was done completely without the aid of any manila paper. There are no scripts to read, and we all relied on memorization. That was the problem of our play, memorizing lines took so much time and caused so many mistakes, and soon, time was running out for us.

Chica was hesitant to start the shoot at first, for he really does not want to wear his Nazareno outfit. Kervy was dead lazy as well. Alvin and I have no care, for we are not the actors on this part of the play. I am just happy holding Julia’s black camera and laughing at the crazy bloopers back at Grand Palazzo Real.

Finally, they have really started it. Alvin sprayed off their dog’s crap out of the garden, and Chica had carried his bronze throne in place. His bronze throne was just one of Alvin’s patio chair. The chair is beautiful, but far from being a chair of a king. Haha. It looks just plain.

1, 2, 3, Take!

March 21, 2010

Ang Ikot

Ang Ikot :)

Yun. Introduction muna. Iba na ang ikot ng mundo ngayon. Pati isip ko iba na rin yata ang ikot. Para hindi na paikutin pa, eto na ang tula. Haha. (kaganda na ng intro, haha)

Pag-ibig nga naman, minsanang mahulog,
Siya ang naiisip hanggang sa pagtulog;
Minsan nga ay lito, ano ba ang ikot
Ng pusong ito na hindi makalimot?

Unang pag-ibig nga ‘y hindi malilimutan,
Ang tali’y mahigpit, walang kapigtalan;
Ngingiti na lamang at magugunita,
Kahit pa may luha sa’king mga mata.

Ang aking pag-ibig, matagal nang lihim
Sa pusong tahimik, ako’y nagkikimkim;
Dati’y kuntento sa “Mula sa Malayo”
Ngayo’y nanghihingi ng konting pagsuyo.

Mainit ang hapon, ako ay pinilit;
Babae sa tula, sa kanya’y mabanggit.
Nang aking masabi, laking gulat niya,
Nang aking banggitin ang pangalan niya.

Ako’y sinungaling, ‘yan ang bansag sa akin,
Di naniniwala sa aking pag-amin;
Mabigat na sampal ang aking tinanggap,
Matapos aminin sa kaniyang harap.

Ang ikot ng mundo tila ba tumigil;
Ang buong mundo ba ako’y sinisingil?
Huli nang sabihin, patapos ang klase,
Kaya ba’t pag-ibig, ganito ang ganti?

Mapa-dimonyo man, ‘di maniniwala,
Isang panloloko, katapata’y wala,
Iyan ang sabi niya sa pusong sugatan,
Ako ay puno ng kasinungalingan.

Anong pakiramdam, ano ba ang sakit
‘Pag ang salitang puso ang sumambit
Ay hindi tanggapin, ‘di paniwalaan,
Ang sayo’y malaki, kanyang kalimutan.

Sa’yo ay seryoso, sa kanya ay biro;
Sa’yo ay pag-ibig, sa kanya ay laro;
Aniya sa akin, ako na’y sumuko,
Pag-ibig na ito, ipaglalaban ko. XD

Anuman ang ikot ng utak mo ngayon,
Sinuman ang laman ng puso mo ngayon (aw)
Ika’y aking mahal, ‘yun lamang ang alam,
Pag-ibig ko sayo’y hindi mapaparam.

Iba man ang ikot ng puso mo sa’kin,
Maniwala ka lang na ako’y ‘yong angkin.
Walong buwan na ako’y ‘yong pinangiti,
Maniwala ka lang, iyon lang ang mithi.

March 19, 2010

For You

Haha. To tell everyone, this was the VERY FIRST POEM that I made with a REAL inspiration. This was made around July, when my “love” was still at the beginning then. Never thought it would reach this far. Haha.

This is the only poem that I did not post of all my creations. Asking why? SECRET XD. The title is simple, but it has something to do with the whole poem. Read my eight-stanza first time confession. LOL.

As I focus on you, not minding everyone,
Fantasy thoughts of us is flashing one by one.
I see you from afar, as if you were so near;
And I smell your strong scent, as if you’re sitting here.

Every morning, I smile for it is another day,
Oh! I’ll see you again! “Be with me!” I will pray.
As I enter the room, I’m sad if you’re not there,
But I’m willing to wait, anytime, anywhere.

I don’t know how it is to fall for someone else,
Rushing blood to my head! Oh, an enchanted spell!
Day and night, home or not, you’re running in my mind,
Lonely times turn to joy; is love really this blind?

From the moment I lay my head on my soft bed,
An image of your face pops always on my head.
I imagine that we’re hugging each other tight,
Conversing happily in the midst of the night!

You made my loveless heart beat love for the first time,
Leaving me bedazzled each moment you pass by.
Your great walk and your talk, your personality,
You and I together, can these dreams be for real?

And I admire you still, but all I’ll do is stare,
I’ll wait in hopeless hope, that sometimes you’ll show care.
All the times we have spent is the closest I got,
That you have loved me true no matter who or what.

To here I’ll end this poem, my love still in secret,
Never can I say it, but still I can’t forget.
You are all that I see, all that I hear and think,
Mission impossible: your tender heart to win!