November 13, 2009

For Antigone III

I boarded the jeep, with my eyes pointing to nowhere. Around Mountain View, a couple and their friend boarded the jeepney, and they are talking about restaurants. Oh, I remember my Restaurant City again. Haha.

The uncoupled man showed his wallet and paid the fare, and I know for sure, that he paid with the woman looking. The man even informed the couple that he already paid for them. This woman, after three minutes, pulled out his purse and her money, and tried to pay. The man stopped him, for he already paid, and the woman, without a word, just pocketed her purse again. I was surprised by how the woman acted. She still wanted to express that she has the capability to pay the fare even though generosity was already showed to her. Oh people will really do anything to make their social status higher than it seems.

Now, they are talking cheap. They saw a newly opened restaurant that offers a P100 promo – “Eat All You Can”. “Uhm, mukhang masarap! (Ummm, looks like it’s delicious)” the woman said. The man who paid the fare said, “Oo nga ‘no, at mura pa, one hundred pesos lang o?! Kain tayo minsan diyan? (I agree, moreover, it is very cheap. Only one hundred pesos?! Let’s eat there sometimes.)”. I kinda laughed when the husband of the woman said, “Sige, pero mas mura pa rin sa Ikabud, P99 lang. (Sure! But still, Ikabud’s charge is cheaper, P99 only)”. Wow, a difference of one peso makes the change, ay? We are really easily fooled by numbers, we regard P149 as much much cheaper than what is P150. Haha!

Time for me to say “Para!” The jeepney stopped and I unboarded it. I tried to take a peek first if there is anyone who is on the steel benches, but there is no one. Together with my annoying plastic bags, I approached the gate and saw a new guard. I entered the chromed gates and asked the guard. It is lucky for me that the guard is considerate, and does not push me outside because of my attire.

I asked, “is there anyone who entered here with a semi-bald hair, high school, with lots of things with him?”

“No one,” he said.

“Or didn’t anyone enter the school?” I just asked.

“There are a group of students who tried to entered the campus but I did not allow them because they do not have a permission slip.”

“How many are they?”

“About eight.”

“Uhm.. Or has anyone left the campus?”

“Except for the teachers, the boy scouts have already went out.”

“All boy scouts?”


“About what time did they go out?”


“Thank you. ;D “

Though Chica is not present, I got a valuable information, Alvin is already home! Woot! But what if he is asleep, err, maybe I’ll just say to his parents to just inform him when he wakes up that I went there. With that, at least, there’ll be evidence that I exerted effort.

I rode the jeep on a route that is unusual to me, Angeles-Mabalacat. I do not know exactly how much the fare is so I just paid P20 and waited for the driver to give me the change. The driver asked me on where am I going and I just said Camachiles, Alvin’s home barangay, for I do not know on which general area does Camachiles belong to.

In front of me, there is a man with a watch, and I easily saw the time, 12:15! :D wtf. Am I really that late. Maybe Chica will scold me and sungalngal me because their costume is in me, and they could not start the shoot without me.

Fast forward, for I am not yet getting in the middle part of this blog and yet this has taken already six pages in Microsoft Word at a font size of 12.

I unboarded at the tricycle terminal at Camachiles and walked on the path that I remember that leads to Alvin’s house. I turned right at Dona Anastacia Subdivision and there, towering among other houses, I saw their giant pinkish house.

I stood in front of the metal red gate and pressed the doorbell. I saw an unfamiliar face on their porch, and I just called and said, “tao po!” Hiding behind the pillar stood his mother, being pedicured by that unfamiliar face I saw. I asked for Alvin, and he asked if I was Kenneth. I wonder why he know my name? Am I that famous? Haha! :D

She screamed “Alviiiiiiiiiin!” and said to me, “Ah, he’s maybe asleep, he is very tired from the camping.” I was trying to say that I’ll just leave and I’ll just leave a message for him, but she continued calling and she asked me to go inside. Oh, Filipino hospitality! But is Alvin awake?

watch out for "For Antigone IV" ;)

November 6, 2009

For Antigone II

My hopes are clinging on me. I am talking to myself as if I am someone crazy, and I am conversing myself in English. I am saying things that how I wish Chica was here, or Kervy, or Alvin, which was a great impossibility for he informed me before his camping that they’ll be dismissed at 2pm.

Chica also said to me that he WILL go to the school to try to ask their scouting leader if he can dismiss Alvin earlier than the rest, for he is the person in charge of editing the film. I said that it is not possible because it is a camping, and it is part of their fulfillment (oh great, I used Jefran’s word again: fulfillment!) on their scouting and on their P.E. grade.

I continued waiting, and my thoughts started to crumble crazily. I said things like this: I’m gonna wait until the sun’s rays reach my foot, by that time, I’m sure, it is really late and I should go home. Or maybe, I should just wait before those group of children go home, and that means that I stayed here long enough.

Continuing my thoughts, here is what I said: “Oh, I’ll just pass time by watching the clouds, or maybe watch the wind blow the leaves from the trees, and mock people passing by, similar to what I did earlier as I was waiting for Taho. But that was different! I am in front of our house and the spot where I am standing now is about seven kilometers away!”

I cannot stay on one sitting position. Over time, my butt, thighs or arms get tired and I need to change in position. People come and go under the giant hat, but still I am there waiting hopelessly and idly for two persons.

“I know, I’ll look at that cloud. It is fun to look at the clouds, and give imaginary shapes to them. That one looks like the letter T. Ah! I know, I’ll wait until that T disappears, blown by the wind, until I’ll go on and have my plan.” Not more than three minutes after, the cloud has disappeared, and I never expected that clouds vanish as fast as that.

The lone girl left, maybe her American or European boyfriend have already responded to her text message; the dancers have also left, after a single, dull performance. The preaching class is still there, happily sharing experiences with each other, and the speech choir has already decided to eat their lunch. They ate their lunch after setting off a productive hour. I watched them as I waited for Chica and Kervy, and it was weird to hear the words Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the sound of gunshots on their Tagalog speech choir.

Now, I’m already giving up, and my mind came up with these thoughts:

“OK, am I going home now? Where the hell are they?! it is like I have been saying bad words here for almost thirty minutes and yet those words did not mean a thing to them. Well, assuming they heard it.”

“If I go home, I just said that this shoot might make me go very late at night, for it was really my plan to go overnight. I memorized my mom’s number prior to my departure, so that I can text her that the inevitable has come onto me, that I’ll sleep on my classmate’s house. If my mom saw me going home early, she’ll say that I cannot go on other practices again, for I am not that important for they have left me! Or, I could just say that it is postponed, and if she asks me why, that’s when everything will flunk out. If I say because only few went, she’ll say that I should not sacrifice and be a martyr and I shall be included to the majority who did not attend.”

“Maybe Chica is at school, for he told me that he’ll fetch Alvin. But I cannot go there! I am bringing these dirty laundries and the fare will be an added cost! What if he is not there, then I just wasted more money. It feels already that I wasted P24 just by going here, am I going to waste P14 more?! And besides, the guard will not let me in. I do not have my school ID with me, and I am wearing shorts! I am also wearing slippers, and that is unacceptable in the dress code. I’m sure Chica is wearing pants and rubber shoes, and he can easily gain access inside.”

“I’ll go at Alvin’s. But argh! He is at camping! He said that they’ll be dismissed at 2pm, and yet, it is just around 12pm at my estimate (I don’t wear watch). And if I go there, and Chica is not present, I am certain that he is fast asleep. I am a boy scout on my elementary days, and I know how it feels like to be in the aftermath of a camping! It is very tiring and I was like a dead meat when I went home, I slept with my face facing the bed and my knees touching the flooring in front of my bed. It will be shameful in part of their family if I’ll disturb the sleep of Alvin.”

“Agh! Where should I go? But I should not give up! I am already here! There’s no point in turning back! Besides, a little amount of money is just small compared to a shot at success. What is the point of being in here if I won’t continue to do this? This is just a challenge, and I shall take it! Never shall I be under the roof of laziness, for sometimes, I should knock out of my shell and go into the sunshine of initiative!”

I paused and said, “wtf? Did I just say that?”

Continuing my thoughtless thoughts, “Stop thinking of the negative stuffs Kenneth! Think of the positive! But, maybe they ate at Robinson’s, for I am sure Alvin is dead hungry and Chica is dead thirsty. Err? But I am sure Chica would not waste time and Alvin has packs of food on his bag for the camping. They are not there.”

“Now, I’ll go to Systems! But, what am I going to do there… I’ll just ask the guard. Then, if I have confirmed that Alvin and Chica went out of the campus, I’ll just head straight to Alvin’s! Ok? Go? Ready?”

And at last, after about 15 minutes of second thoughts, I decided to leave the giant hat. I left it with a fake smile, for assuming that they have already texted me to go there and that my waiting there is not pointless. I do not want to appear despaired in front of many people even though I am carrying those pesky plastic bags with me.

... (For Antigone III. up next.)

November 3, 2009

Tears (Luha by Aegis)

If at first I was tagalizing songs, but I haven't posted those things yet on my blog, I have ventured into the world of translating Tagalog songs into English. oh wow. First to have a taste of it was Luha, the epic karaoke theme song of many Filipinos, and a favorite among amateur singing contests, which was sung by the famous Aegis. :) waahaha. enjoy.

At first I thought that now you are mine,
Faithfully until the end of time.
But when I approached to hug you,
You’ll disappear without a clue.

To you I tried to be a friend so close,
Because to you my love I will show.
But all the sacrifices I do,
Does not mean a thing to you.

You are my one and only true love
My witness is our god above
But I thought, I thought that I have been such a fool,
Wanting a man as worthless as you.

I do not need you anymore.
Please go away, walk through that door.
My everlasting love is now forever no more.
And this, you, liar! Remember!
My heart will love you, no, never!
To me do not go near,
Even if I see a tear,
I do not want you here.

I do not want to be lost.
I do not want you to speak
I do not want to be killed!
It is too much pain for me.
Oh the wheel of fate,
Life continues to just rotate.
Yesterday I had my downfall,
When will I finally find love to stand tall

Oh the wheel of fate,
Life continues to just rotate.
Yesterday I had my downfall,
Someday I will overcome failures through it all.

November 1, 2009

Apocalyptic Love :)

The planet may come to an end;
Our situation may be dire.
The whole island may break and bend;
Our world may be consumed by fire.
Our time may all be lost and spent;
Our fate is hanging by the wire.
Then I find my saving heaven;
You’re the only girl I aspire.

As the meteors fall from the sky
To give the Earth a giant boom,
To you I fall; my heart would fly;
We’ll share our thoughts amidst the doom.
Nuclear wars light all our nights,
What great mishap to our Earth looms.
I do not care; I’ll be your knight;
I’ll be with you amidst the gloom.

Earthquakes may rock the whole planet;
All humans running so frantic.
Your memories I won’t forget,
I’ll stay with you in this manic.
We may die as volcanoes jet
Lava, rocks and pyroclastics,
But baby I would not regret
Joining you amidst the panic.

Typhoons may come and bring great floods,
Break up dams and sweep away homes;
Droughts may set in and dry up lands,
Killing forests and burning tomes.
Any weather I’ll still be glad,
Whatever deadly danger roams;
A paradise in battered lands,
Your company is my one home.

Famines may kill the human race,
Cripple us down to our own flesh;
It may spread in the fastest pace
Bring us to ground into ashes.
But my girl when I see your face,
I feel immune to viruses,
Your light smile gives me strength and grace,
You’re the vaccine to all diseases.

An alignment of all planets,
The galaxy and our own Sun,
And the Mayan Calendar is set
To finish its long cyclic run.
But I would not give a moment,
As long as we are having fun.
I won’t cry if the world will end
Unless your presence will be gone.

Oh death is inevitable;
It will come creeping unto us.
But I don’t think of it at all,
I don’t care what’s going to pass.
Our bind is indestructible
Whatever Apocalypse will lash;
I’ll be with you; we’ll rise and fall;
A death with you is life at last!

Revelations have predicted
The Anti-Christ will come and rule;
With you, my girl, we’ll be protected
From anything evil and cruel.
Our love will lead us untainted
From Hell’s burning and fiery pool.
To the heaven, we’ll be supported
Away from being tricked and fooled.

Our end may be catastrophic,
Fate may be apocalyptic,
The world may end
Death it may send
Though it will be cataclysmic,
One thing will remain romantic.
In the end we’ll reach the skies above,
Come and accept my apocalyptic love.