April 29, 2010

The 20 Influences (Part 3)

Just a friendly reminder to the “concerned” readers, this is a measure of influence, not a measure of friendship, love, appreciation or any other color that you might want to put into it.

If the list will be extended to the 25th place, who would enter the list???

8 Maria Vhinna Saco (53/100)
9 Alvin Aguilar (52/100)
10 Karla Ann Baluyut (51/100)
11 Paul Daniel David (50/100)
12 Mrs. Aurea Dungca (49/100)
13 Annabeth Morcilla (47/100)
14.5 Annie Rose Santos (45/100)
14.5 Joephomer Guira (45/100)
16 Mrs. Maria Mia Soriano (43/100)
18 Amir Medina (42/100)
18 Danielle Carlos (42/100)
18 Claudine Ann Tacut (42/100)
20 Charlotte Jimenez (41/100)

The extension! :D
22 Daniel Karlo Canono (40/100)
22 Mrs. Marilou Alfonso (40/100)
22 Julia Marie Escano (40/100)
24.5 Rodjeilyn Asuncion (39/100)
24.5 Mrs. Jessel Nazareno (39/100)

7. Mr. Carlito Antonio (54/100)

The high school principal. Who would have thought that he would come this far on my ranking? To tell you, he drew the course of my high school life. Without him, I won’t be at any of the three RSPCs, or the conference at UP Diliman, or at the seminar at Baguio, or at an interview on PEP TV – some of my life changing events.

He had driven me to the success that I am experiencing today; he put the name Kenneth in the spotlight. Moreover, he taught me some values like punctuality and responsibility, because he is the person you never wanted to unimpress.

Tied at 5.5 Uy, Fritz Balaram (56/100)

Unexpected. Eiii? Ranking in at 5.5 is Fritz, who I consider as the coolest acting guy I know. One of the guys I look up to, he had affected the way I interact with other people. I like when he speaks English, and he is my first English-chatting buddy.

Fritz is a daredevil on many things. He is an independent-minded guy, a smart student and a person who I consider with class. I like his preference on things and I find my attitude and choices somehow similar to his. I also like his outlook on many things.

He is also a winning taekwondo player, one of the coolest sports I know. If there is one man who inspires me to be an athlete, that is Fritz. I also admire his self-confidence. Well, he likes boasting off his rock-hard abs. hahaha. I guess I was also impacted by Fritz’s wild mind. Haha.

Another at 5.5 Garcia, Ian Christopher (56/100)

Tying in with Fritz at the 5.5th spot is Ian. He is my classmate since I was first year, and maybe he is unaware of, but he had influenced me much in my four years of seeing him. One of the classroom heartthrobs, Ian’s looks, moves and words are things that I admire from him.

I am fascinated of modern dances, and every time Ian takes the centerstage on a program to dance, I can’t help but to marvel at his talent. Aside from it, he is a talented writer and a class valedictorian back then. He is just that lucky.

One thing that greatly influenced me from him is an incident in the library when we are in first year. He thought me that apology is one thing that we should accept. Whoa. I had been with him in three RSPCs, what shall you expect? He has this great irresistible personality that one would be lucky to have.

4. Chica, Christopher (58/100)

The man behind the whistle is in fourth, and that is Christopher, popularly known by his surname, Chica. We started out as seatmates this high school, and we also ended it as seatmates on our graduation day.

Chica is a person whom I call my longest best friend. Haha. He was there since first year, back when Charlotte, me and him are a trio. He knows me a lot, for he had seen me been through things a lot. He knows some of my secrets, and he even knows some of my attitude that I do not even know. Behind his stern look and frowning silence hides a good adviser, a caring person and a good friend.

Being the top 2 in the class for two years, and on the very first grading of my high school life, he put me on the track to my studies. Without him I guess, I’ll put my studies at one of my lesser priorities. He is also a classic writer, and his writing style is one thing that I really like to copy. His artistic genius is epic, one that keeps me learning and trying my best to do. He is the biggest influence to me when it comes to studies, arts and writing.

Chica taught me responsibility, and he showed me that all person has their limits. He taught me the right steps on solving problems (well, not on math, haha), the importance of time, the value of sympathy and many others too lengthy to mention.


Yay! The podium positions on the last update! :D See who’s third, second and first! :D hahaha!

April 26, 2010

The 20 Influences (Part 2)

Well, ever wondered where those numbers came from, the ratings? Well, here is the formula I devised to calculate the 20 most influential persons of my high school life. This is the pointing scheme :D

20 points – Time Spent Together – 20 if you were there since first year and 5 if only for one year.
15 points – Idol / Crush Factor – the role models of my life
10 points – Academic Impact – one who has changed my studies
10 points – Spiritual Impact – one who has opened me up and renewed my faith
10 points – Degree of Closeness – have we been close or just an acquaintance?
10 points – Attitude Change – one who has changed the way I act
10 points – Verbal Change – one who has changed the way I speak
10 points – Habitual Change – one who has changed what I do regularly
10 points – Knowledge Change – one who has contributed into what I know now of the world
10 points – Perceptional Change – one who has changed my outlook and the way I view the future
10 points – Lovelife Change – one who has changed the way I love.
5 points – Social Network Change – one who has introduced me to many people
5 points – First Time Experiences – one who has given me that first time experience on many things

That sums up to 125. Then, multiply the result by 0.8 and then round it off.

A recap of the Top 14 – 20 :D by the way, I was shocked at who is the second placer after my computation. Only after the computation that I realized that he/she had impacted me that much. Who is he/she? Surprise. Back to the recap.

14.5 Annie Rose Santos (45/100)
14.5 Joephomer Guira (45/100)
16 Mrs. Maria Mia Soriano (43/100)
18 Amir Medina (42/100)
18 Danielle Carlos (42/100)
18 Claudine Ann Tacut (42/100)
20 Charlotte Jimenez (41/100)

Now at 13. Morcilla, Annabeth (47/100)

The short physique with a big impact, that is Annabeth. She is my idol in feature writing. I also like her humor, her advices, her leadership, her ideas and her artistic instincts. There are so many things to gain from her. We have been groupmates on many projects, been through houses with her, and went to Nueva Ecija with her for the regionals. Her attitude on things is just plain amazing, and she is one of the few girls I admire.

Her lovelife is one story worthy of claps, imagine more than one year? I also like her attitude – her green-mindedness, her being outgoing and her wild thoughts on many things. Her principles in life are things to learn from.

12. Mrs. Aurea Dungca (49/100)

A class adviser I would most never forget. She is the person who have changed the way I view class advisers. She imposed unto me self-confidence, a priceless asset that I now own today. Included in her pointers for us is initiative and self-discipline. She is an adviser who really aims to change her students, and yes, she did that to me.

I was elected as the treasurer of the class during second year, and that had also given me a big impact. I also remember that killer poem of mine which made buzzes on our classroom when she talked about it. Now, I kinda learned to be careful on my words. There are so many values to learn from her, and these are just some of it.

11. David, Paul Daniel (50/100)

The first entry in the upper-half mark area of the score. Paul is a person who I am with for so long that I guess I have picked up something from him. He had affected my words, my speaking and my perception on people. He showed me the meaning of concern, and his being over-acting and over expressive had taught me a lot. His strength against critics and his immunity against teases is one thing I admire.

He shares a lot from his experiences, though sometimes it sounds fabricated, and from those little stories I learn big things. He is my classmate since first year, and all these years, yes, the impact collectively is big.

10. Baluyut, Karla Ann (51/100)

Grabbing the tenth spot is another non-human. Haha. Kidding. It’s Karla. Karla is a person whose life story can be compared to a very dramatic episode of MMK. She had been through ups and down, both in her studies, family relationship and lovelife. Her stories are amazing, and her personality above it all is even more amazing. Her life is a novel with moral lessons in its every chapter.

She taught me the definition of care. She appreciates and is one of the kindest person I have known. She shares to me thoughts and asks me for advices, and from those moments I learn from her. I also admire her craftsmanship and artistry.

9. Aguilar, Alvin (52/100)

On the ninth spot is Alvin. He is one of the few multi-talented persons I know. He is a dedicated boy scout, a formidable table tennis player, a badminton player and a computer expert – some of the things I also really want to know about. He is also a drummer and a guitarist once, and that makes me admire him more.

Alvin is also great when he wants for you to realize things. He made me realize that giving up means letting go of what you believe, and that we need to pursue our goals. Maybe soon, I’ll be drinking up my nightly glass of milk, too.

8. Saco, Maria Vhinna (53/100)

The inspiration to the long chin. Another person with a big impact on my life is Vhinna, who coincidentally, lands on the eighth place. She made me realize the word “appreciation” can mean so much. She taught me so much about love – that hearts are fragile and that promises should not be broken. Well, she also taught me that love comes with troubles.

We have been classmates since second year, and as time passes, her impact is growing heavily. I also admire her dedication to things and her strength in spite all of the trials.


I'm getting freakishly excited for the next entries! haha! :D Place your bets. haha.

April 25, 2010

Ode to Oval

Woot. Another poem for my eighth post this April. Haha. Out of my boredom, loneliness and hard feelings this Sunday, my poetic instincts kicked in again.

There is this one place in my high school life that every weekend bonding happens. All the picnics, the practices and even my lone recollections with myself happen here. This is Stotsenberg Park, popularly known as Oval. Located a few meters in front of Comclark’s fa├žade, and just at the doorstep of Mimosa, the Oval is a wide grassy area where joggers flock in everyday to exercise. Its very wide empty space of grassy patch, along with the ambience of Clark makes it very ideal for picnics and practices. Well, this poem is all about OVAL.

Woot, and this is my first ever nature poem. I’m just a beginner in this type of poems so please compensate my weakness. Haha. Anyways, this is it.


Ode to Oval

A patch of luscious grass springing up from the lands,
Nature’s great offer in midst of concrete islands,
Where hidden thoughts roam free to heaven and beyond,
Where tranquil and gladness meet to create their bond.

The sun-touched grassy fields extend to meet the sky;
Guarding sides are the trees whose lush leaves soar up high.
Their majestic branches pamper the soil below;
Around their mighty trunks, our Nature’s beauty grow.

The autumn leaves do fall to meet the solid ground;
The calming breeze do blow, making a soothing sound.
Playful leaves will rustle, clapping to the planet,
Mother Nature’s music is readily on set.

The aerial balladeers will join the melody;
The birds extend their wings in perfect harmony,
And as the cool wind crawl on dancing, waving grass,
The overture just waits for eternity to pass.

Rising from the distance, a wall of compact earth,
Shielding the green meadows for all the things its worth.
Kissing the floating clouds on their endless contact,
The mountains shall stand tall; forever they are locked.

The clouds wander lightly on a big blue canvas,
Where vision knows no end, to galaxies it lasts.
A ceaseless horizon of awe-inspiring sight,
A sanctuary of peace where feelings take their flight.

To the Oval, to the Oval is where I want to be,
Its heart-warming embrace is what my tired heart needs.
To its welcoming hands is where I want to lay,
To her carefree ambience is where I want to stay.

April 24, 2010

The 20 Influences (Part 1)


Change. This is one thing that we are all subject to. We are all in to it, and no one can be immune from this word. Change is what drives the world, and in face, change is what we are. Our mere existence is a change, but on our lives, there are some people who bring you the most change than any other.

Welcome to my high school life: a period of great transition from being a cute, cuddly, white-skinned, short kid to a tall, dark and not-so-cute man. Haha. From an immature, innocent and ill-mannered boy to a matured, not-so-innocent and more ill-mannered monster that I am today. Hahaha.

High school life is a journey that I’ll just never ever ever forget; I have changed so much, and yes, there are persons in this life of mine that have put many changes. These are the people that have molded me into what I am. I can say that without them, there will be no Kenneth at all. So if you think I am a menace in this society, these are the people to blame! Hahaha! And if you think I am one of the best things that came to be in this world, you should thank this persons.

Now, listed here are the Top 20 persons who have left their mark on me during my high school life, who have changed me so much. They are the most influential persons of my high school life. The ranking is based on 13 different factors, all computed to get the final percentage. The factors include Idol Factor, Academic Impact, Spiritual Impact, Habit Change, Lovelife Change, Degree of Closeness, Length of Time Together and Attitude Change.

The total score is 100, and of course, no one can ever perfect it, but some have come close. Haha. Let’s start the countdown! :D (Some descriptions may be too incomplete. On most of the entries, I keep what I learned from them as private.)

20. Jimenez, Charlotte (41 / 100)

She’s a major character in my high school life. She is the Top 2 of the class from first year to second year, and that keeps me studying hard. My experiences with her had taught me so much, from her lovelife journey back then, to the way she acts on things. Her unique personality is one thing to learn from.

Tied in 18. Tacut, Claudine Ann (42 / 100)

Claudine. Haha. That complex personality under her more complex body. haha. She is a risk-taker and an adventurous person. After three years of Alay-Lakad, two years of being jeepneymates and two years of being classmates, I learned a lot from this woman who knows no boundaries. She’s a lover, and yeah, her love journey is one story to have something to learn on. With her smile and her hugs, she sure has changed me a lot.

Again in 18. Carlos, Danielle (42 / 100)

Who would not see Danielle in the classroom? As for me, I see her everyday. One of the most attractive ladies in the campus, Danielle owns a stunning beauty that in its simplicity, becomes elegant. I somehow idolize her: a good speaker (with that killer accent), a talented dancer (yes, and the moooves), a smart student (she won’t be Ampere for nothing) and a personality that completely rocks.

Last at 18. Medina, Amir (42 / 100)

Starting from first year, Amir has changed so much, and along that change comes some things that I realized from him. He was my seatmate during our freshmen year, and he was that boastful, arrogant kid who wants to play pranks on kids. Today, he is now a loved comedian and a concerned friend to all, one thing that I want to do myself – improve. His life is different from most of us, an only child with his father abroad, and what I do is learn from who he is.

16. Soriano, Maria Mia (43 / 100)

A strong teacher who does not only teach the much loved subject of Computer, but teaches values in ways that you’ll really remember. “A short pen is better than a long memory,” I quote. Haha. I still remember how she scolds us during the Clash days, and how she cheers me on anything. I love HTML, and that’s one thing that I learned from her. She is one of the few persons who have emphasized responsibility on me.

Tied at 14.5 Guira, Joephomer (45 / 100)

He left, and I replaced him. That became the case. Haha. He is the Top 1 of the batch before me and the EIC of our school paper before me. I’ve been with him in Baguio and in RSPC. Many find my attitude quite similar to his. He is a great essayist and a poster maker, two talents that I really want to have. He has this humor that will keep everyone laughing and noisy.

Also at 14.5 Santos, Annie Rose (45 / 100)

She is the silent woman who knocks a punch from within. She is a great artist – a painter, an illustrator, a poster maker, a flutist and a pianist. She advices great when I have problems and she always has her simple ways to make you feel special. She is one person to learn things from, for she, herself, still searches for answers in her life. She taught me how to appreciate little things around me.

Part 2, continued some other day. ;)

April 21, 2010

Walking in the Dark

Woot. And another poem for the week. This poem was inspired by Jefran Olingay (special credits) haha. A few days ago, he posted his original poem on his notes, which is entitled “Untitled for Him”. It is a poem about God. That made me realize that all this time I am writing poems, I have never written a single one to the most worthy to have it. That calls me to make a poem for God.

Weeee, and this is my first poem for God, to God and about God. This gives me one of the best purposes for my poetry – to express how He works, to spread His good news, to share His love to everyone and to praise Him.

“Walking in the Dark” talks about a person, who has nothing to call life. He wanted to end his mere existence, and when he is on the brink of suicide, God called him to follow. From that point on, he was enlightened about life. God showed him the way. He was given the strength to start again, and ended up living a happy life.


I was lost and fatigued; I am a curse to all,
Pushed forcedly by people to my personal fall.
I am dire and hopeless; this life should be over
For no one cares for me, no one will remember.

An outcast from my land, an exile to my friends,
I spent my life alone from the start to the end.
I’m walking in the dark, welcoming open death;
My every step is blind; to doom my fate is set.

Oh light! Give me some light! I’m walking in the dark.
There’s no glimmer of hope, not a faint little spark.
Oh where is my guidance? Where’s my enlightenment?
I’ve been through great sorrows, this perilous torment.

I’m on the edge of life; I want to end it now.
Death, I will surrender! Oh sorrow, I will bow!
I aimed a stainless knife to slit my fragile neck;
Hopelessness is the cause; suicide’s the effect.

“Come with Me, take My hand,” a voice called upon me.
Hesitating, I asked, “what is it You bring me?”
“I bring you light and hope on your sorrowful walk.
Bring life to your spirit and save your soul,” He talked.

And yes, He gave me eyes to help me walk along;
The vision of His words made me suffer no long.
He is the brightest light on all the darkest paths;
He is our one big love amidst surrounding wrath.

The feet that were once weak, now grew to be sturdy;
The walk that was twisted, now came to be steady.
Today I can go through any path of any length
For I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

He held my trembling hand and showed me His own light,
One I have never seen, one that glimmers so bright,
And by my steadfast faith, he opened up my eyes,
Showed me what’s happiness, led me to paradise.

Glory to God :)

April 19, 2010

Batong Alipin

At sa wakas, natigil na ang kabaliwan ko sa paggawa ng tula tungkol sa pag-ibig. Napansin ko lang naman kasi na sumosobra na talaga ang pag-ibig na yan eh, nakakarami sa blog ko. Haha. Ayun, meron lang nakapagsabi, nakalimutan ko kung sino, si Paul siguro yun na marami pang mas mahahalagang bagay diyan maliban sa pag-ibig sa kanya.

OK! Yes! Ang “Batong Alipin” ay isang tula na nagpapakita ng kahalagahan ng pang-unawa. Sabi nga, bago husgahan, unawain muna natin kung ano ang nangyayari sa isang tao, kung ano ang pinagdaraanan niya. Dito rin, sinasabi na kailangan natin pahalagahan ang mga araw-araw na bagay sa paligid natin. Madalas minamaliit natin ang ibang bagay, pero hindi natin nalalaman na kapag wala sila eh napakalaking kawalan pala, hindi ba? Maliit man, malaki ang kahalagahan. It’s a matter of appreciation ika nga. :)

Nga pala, ang inspirasyon ay nanggaling kay Bianca. (super credits). Tinanong niya ako nung minsan kung para saan ba ang bato para sa akin, at doon ako napaisip. Woot!

Eto na, BATONG ALIPIN (da rak)

Pagmasdan ang mga bato, tahimik sa tabi;
Walang reklamo, walang sinasabi.
Siya’y naririyan, sa’ti’y nanonood;
Talambuhay natin, alam niya ang buod.

Siya lamang ang pader sa ating tahanan;
Siya lang ang pundasyon ng ating lansangan.
Mula sa liit niya, bayan ay yumaman;
Ano ba ang bato? Bakit sila nariyan?

Kasunod ng hangin, bato ang s’yang hari;
Ang ating paligid ay sa kanya yari.
Wala man s’yang tainga, pero siya’y nakikinig,
At sa abang anyo, kanya ang daigdig.

Siya’y nag-aabang, tulog man ang mundo;
Siya’y nariya’t bukas, lahat ma’y sarado.
Ngunit tayong tao, atin bang iniisip,
Maliit na bato, walang kahulilip?

Sa’ting unang tingin, ito’y walang kwenta;
Ang kanyang presensya, ‘di natin halata.
Sandal lang sa kanya, pagtapos ay iwan;
Bato, di ka man lang mapasalamatan?

Tinapakan na siya, siya’y nariyan pa rin,
Hindi umaalis, nagpapaalipin.
Ang lahat ng paa kanyang tatanggapin;
Masktan man s’ya, ang tao’y susundin.

Ang buhay ng bato, puro sakripisyo,
Puro paghihirap, walang benepisyo.
Ikaw ba’y ‘sang pipi, magpapatapak?
Kung siya ay tao lang, galit na’y sumulak!

Ang batong tahimik, kay dalas hamakin;
Kanyang tagong sakit, ‘di natin mapansin.
Sa pipi niyang anyo, siya’y nalulugami;
Sa kanyang sitwasyon, sinong iintindi?

Ating mga galit, s’ya ang tumatanggap;
Ating pagkamuhi, sa kanya ang hirap.
Higit pa sa martir ang kanyang pangalan;
Siya ay bilanggo ng kanyang katauhan.

Maghagis sa pader; kanyang babasagin.
Itapon sa ere; anyo’y hahatiin.
Hagis man sa dagat, kung saya ang hatid,
Kanya nang gagawin, anuma’ng masisid.

Ang batong alipin, bago man hamakin,
Sana’y unawain kanyang saloobin.
Mapalad din tayo at ating isipin,
Tayo’y naging tao nang Kanyang likhain.


April 16, 2010

Tinig ng Torpe IV: Ngiti sa Entablado

At last. Matapos ang Pasko ng Tinig ng Torpe eh naggraduate na. Ito naman ang kwento ng isang torpe sa kanyang Graduation Day (kwento ko yata ‘to?). Tatlong buwan matapos ang Pasko, nakahanap na naman ng inspirasyon ang torpeng favorite ko. Ayun. 22 stanzas na naman ng pagiging tahimik, pag-asa at pag-ibig. Kung bakit pa kasi nagkablackout kanina dito at ‘yun, naisipan ko tuloy maging poetic na naman. :D

Ito ang Tinig ng Torpe IV: Ngiti sa Entablado.

Tayo nga ay nakaputi, may kartong putong sa ulo,
Sa kaklase’y bumabati bago man lang magkalayo;
Karamiha’y nakaayos; babae’y makolorete:
Ito na ang pagtatapos, ang araw ng estudyante.

Naglalagablab ang araw at tayo ay nakabilad;
Sa malayo’y natatanaw, pila nating parang higad.
Ngunit iba ang siyang hanap ng mata kong nasasabik,
Karoonan mo’y matatap at mabigyan ng ‘sang tapik.

Tumutugtog na ang martsa at tayo na’y naglalakad;
Ang isip ko’y sayo’y kasa hanggang marating ang bungad.
Aking pangala’y nabanggit, kasunod saya ang sa’yo
Nang sa upua’y paglapit, ikaw na ang katabi ko.

Ang habilin sa ensayo: huwag titingin sa likod.
Anong parusa ba iyon, pwede bang ikaw ay bukod?
Nais kong ika’y makita sa’yong paglakad sa gitna
Nang ngiti mo’y magunita at araw ko’y kumulay na.

Tayo ay tatawagin na; diploma na ay kukunin;
Umuusad na ang pila; entablado’y tutunguhin.
Isa-isa ay aakyat; medalya’y tangan sa braso;
Sa mga tao’y tatapat, ngingiti sa entablado.

Ikaw nga ay hihintayin sa entablado pumanhik;
Pangalan mo’y babanggitin, ano ba’t ako’y sabik!
Ika’y lulugar sa tabi, naghihintay sa pagyukod;
Ang ligaya sa ‘yong labi sa lahat ay namumukod.

“Tignan mo ko! Tignan mo ko! Ako’y naririto lamang!”
Sa iyo’y ‘yan ang hiling ko na ako’y ngitian man lang.
Sana’y photographer na lang ako sa graduation na ito
Nang mabigya’t mapagmasdan ‘yong ngiti sa entablado.

Nakakatunaw mong tingin sa mga lente ng camera,
Nakakagising damdamin, sa aki’y agaw eksena;
Ang galing naman ng lente at siya ay pinapansin mo,
Ano ba ang kanyang swerte’t ngitian mo naman ako!

Ako muli’y tatawagin, tatanggap pa ng parangal;
Dalawampung aanihin, isang buong taong pagal.
Dalawampung isasabit, mga medalyang maingay,
At pagkatapos mabanggit, salapi naman ang alay.

Kung Best in Economics lang, Best in Lovelife na lang sana;
Kung mga sobreng puti lang, eh pag-ibig na lang sana.
Kahit isang parangal lang sa gabi’y matanggap ko,
Basta’t IKAW! Ikaw lamang, masaya na ang puso ko.

Aanhin ang pagkilala kung ang puso ko’y walang galak?
Iibigi’y ginto’t pilak? May tuwa ba sa palakpak?
Medalya nga’y nakasisilaw pero iba ang siyang hiling:
Ang dalangin ko ay ikaw, madama ang iyong piling.

Nakapanliligaw nga ba ang numero sa report card?
Sa puso mo’y pasado ba kapag marami ang awards?
Ito ang katotohanan, sadyang may’rong ibang bagay,
Anumang katalinuhan, sa’yo ay hindi ibibigay.

Ngayo’y magtatalumpati sa napakaraming tao;
Kamay ko’y di mapakali sa tuwa’t kaba ng puso.
Naroon ka nakatingin, nag-aabang ng salita;
Kilig, nerbyos ang damdamin ‘pag ikaw ang nagunita.

Ang mikropono ay hawak ngunit parang hindi sanay;
Nanginginig aking tapak; ang mata’y hindi mapalagay.
Puso ko’y ikaw ang hanap pero mata’y umiiwas;
Hiling ng puso’y ‘sang sulyap pero mata’y walang lakas.

‘Pag nakita ang ‘yong ngiti, ano ang aking gagawin?
Putulin ang talumpati? Hagkan ba’t may sasabihin?
Ito na naman ang torpe at muling nag-iilusyon,
Hindi naman nangyayari ang sa sarili ay misyon.

Matapos ang ilang kredo at mahabang mga awit,
Balot ng dilim ang mundo, pamamaalam ang sambit.
Lahat ay nagyayakapan, ‘di na magkikita muli.
May ilang nag-iiyakan, sa huling-huling sandali.

Marami ang bumabati, mga nakikipagkamay,
Pero nasa’n ang ‘yong ngiti, ang mag-aalis ng lumbay?
Simula ng seremonya, ikaw na ang nasa isip;
Gabi na at ang anyaya: puso ko ay ‘yong masilip.

Marami ang magkayakap sa gabing maghihiwalay.
Madama kaya ang sarap ng bati’t yakap mong tunay?
At sa pakikipagkamay, daliri mo ang siyang hanap,
Dahil tanging iyong kamay ang sa puso ko’y pangarap.

Hanggang ako’y may narinig, sigaw mula sa malayo,
Boses na siyang nananaig sa puso kong sumasayo.
Pangalan ko ang siyang banggit at akoy ay napangiti
‘Pagkat ang sa’ki’y sumambit, IKAW na siyang aking mithi.

Tumatakbo kang lumapit sa sarili kong tulala;
Kagalaka’y nag-iinit, hindi makapaniwala!
Ikaw nga! Ikaw nga iyan! Ang siyang aking asam-asam!
Ito na ang gantimpala – sa lungkot ko’y magpaparam.

Ikaw nga ay nakangiti na taos-puso ang saya,
Higit pa sa lenteng-ngiti, sa entabladong-ligaya.
At ako’y iyong niyakap ng mahigpit na mahigpit;
Ang gabing ito’y kaysarap, yakap mo’y walang kapalit.

Ako ay napatahimik, dinadama bawat saglit;
Sana oras ay tumirik ng malasap kanyang kapit.
Kung sana ay alam mo lang na ang yakap mo ay ginto
Sana’y marinig mo lang ang tinig ng torpeng ito.

April 15, 2010

Impervious :(

And at last, another poem. This poem is plainly about bitterness – the words from a rejection. This poem describes someone who has lost his self-respect for love. Though his love for someone brings him pain – all the tears, the emo moments, the heartbreak and the bitterness, he still keeps on loving that person.

Dedicated to YOU and all the bitter lovers out there. Hahaha!

Why can’t I keep my smile?
Why can’t I be happy?
Why in a little while
I grow my self-pity?
My imperviousness
Is fading like fine dust;
This turmoil is endless;
Forever it will last.

I’m facing the mirror
In minutes of silence;
In front is a horror,
A drama so intense.
I’m staring hopelessly
Feeling my self-despair;
And the glass reflects me
With a heart so impaired.

When love grows embittered,
From crush to obsession,
From peace to disaster
To my self-destruction.
A heart starts to expect,
Then slapped by rejection,
Lost is my self-respect,
My heart’s with incisions.

When friends go enemies,
The glass will go tainted.
The company you’ll miss
The joy dispirited.
You call her your friend once,
Can’t do that anymore;
She closed her heart’s entrance,
Cannot walk through that door.

I am impervious,
Well, that is what I thought.
Whichever road I choose,
There’s no pain life has brought.
I can bear any pain;
I can hide all my tears.
I can get through the rain;
I can conquer my fears.

And yes I am so wrong;
My foundation grew weak.
My shield for not so long
Is beginning to creak.
The tears I could not bear
From flowing out my eyes;
The world would never care;
I am everyone’s despised.

Hear my scream! Hear my cry!
Bitterness will not end!
Love will live, it won’t die,
Though it’s grief that it sends.
When love goes uncontrolled,
When love becomes your foe,
Take the ride, tightly hold

April 13, 2010

The Birthday Speech :D

Here is this boring, lengthy and thoughtless speech that I delivered on our Graduation Day, which is surprisingly coincidentally, also my birthday. :D The sound system is rumbly, and my speech is long; the perfect ingredients for a public speaking disaster. HAHAHA. Anyways, this is it! :D

One bitter fact: High school ends today.

To the school administrators and officials, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Prof. Leo Vicente Tago, our high school principal, Mr. Carlito S. Antonio, to the parents, relatives and teachers behind today’s success stories and specially, to the celebrities, my fellow graduates, good evening.

I remember myself, with little care on how I look and standing one foot shorter of my height today, walking in a corridor I have never walked before, entering a campus that is a complete stranger to me. I was a fresh elementary graduate, and it was my first day at Systems Plus. I was oblivious of many things back then, and every day after it was like discovering a new and exciting world. Looking back, I thought to myself on how far I have gone and on how much my stay has changed me. Time really flies fast, and look now, 16 grading periods, 12 field trips, 120 flag ceremonies, and 800 school days after, we are at our graduation day. There are so many memories to treasure, so many mishaps to forget, so many challenges that we have overcome, and yes, our book of life has been filled with colorful chapters.

There is always that one point in our lives when we are at the peak of enjoyment, when we are at the part that we are most contented, and then all of a sudden, all of those comforts will be taken away. Just when you seem to go with the flow of the current and to show your big smile every day, that’s when the tables turn against you. In a blink of an eye, the light that once brightened our days has run out of its glimmer. Well, fellow students, this is graduation – the event when we have to leave the home we have dwelt on for four years and the people we considered our families.

To tell you, this is the truth. The friends that we have opened up so much for a long time, all of a sudden, will have to go on separate ways. The campus you enter for four years, the santol trees, the personalities inside the faculty room, the canteens and the air conditioned classrooms, aren’t you going to miss them all? Have you ever thought that this will be the last day that you’ll ever sit at the Multi-Purpose Hall, the last day that you’ll be climbing up the school corridors, and the last day that you’ll be called as high school students? Moments ago, we all received our diplomas, the sole paper that proves that we are out of our high school lives. I can recall my classmates say, “I wish that high school is five years.”

To our parents, wow, congratulations. It is another feather to your trophy that you have pushed us here today to finish high school. It is a big deal for you to see us wearing togas, transferring our tassels from left to right and receiving our diplomas with that big smile on our faces. Your efforts have proven to be fruitful and here in front of you are the products. Thank you our dear parents.

To the faculty members, you have watched us grow and develop. You saw us first as young boys and girls, and now, you are seated here, witnessing our exit in this institution as ladies and gentlemen. We never thought that alphabets can be inserted in mathematics, making it more difficult, that science involves the world’s magic and moreover, that life is a wonderful journey that we have to travel on with values. To our teachers, a big thanks.

High school is a chapter in our lives we will never ever forget. This is the period when we experienced to show our bitterest tears and our happiest smiles. High school is when we had our first love, our first quarrel, our first true best friends, and for some, our first kiss. It is when we develop our inner selves, when we mature and develop a sense of identity. High school, I shall say, is one thing that we never wanted to end.

True, I might be leaving with flying colors, with the best birthday gifts ever, but I am also leaving behind things that have made me complete and the people that are worth more than all the awards and certificates there is.

To my fellow graduates, we are leaving high school. But let us not forget to remember the lessons that we have learned in the four years that had passed. Let us always remember the persons that had been with us in everything, the teachers that caused us little suffering, but moreover, greater learning, the classmates who have shared the joy and the pain of school life, the parents who have sacrificed a lot and the institution that you entered as nobody and you are leaving as somebody. Let us not fail our alma mater, let us live up to its mission and vision. May we be the competitive, innovative and values-oriented graduates that this institution wishes to produce. Step up, be the change, and show that SPCnians are the catalysts of progress and the positive movers of today’s society.

Let us also not forget the main reason behind our triumph – God. He guided us to our victory and He has been with us all this time. He blessed us with intelligence to finish high school and he has given us strength to hurdle every challenge. He showed to us that all things are possible through Him. We bring back all the glory and praises to you our Lord.

The light of high school that we have been so used to may lose its glimmer, but hey, we are just about to ignite another spark. Who knows, the light of college might be greater, and it may lead us to exciting new paths.

To my batchmates, good luck on our road ahead and congratulations! True, there is this one point in our lives when we are at the peak of enjoyment and it will suddenly end. To tell you, nothing will end today, everything shall be remembered, and shall live on our hearts and minds forever. No chapter of our lives will end, it will go on and on we are just going to add another chapter on our ever-thickening book of our lives.

Well, fellow students, this is graduation, the event when we have to bravely enter a new world, and not to leave, but to bring the old world of high school with us.

The bitter fact again, high school ends today? No. Nothing will end; everything will continue as long as we treasure it.

To everyone, thank you very much and have a lovely evening.

April 1, 2010

The Heartfelt Rhythm :)

LOL people.
(to the by-passers, this post was a part of an April Fool's Day prank that I made on Facebook :D )