April 28, 2009

I Wave an Arc (poem)

There was a home where I
used to be so happy;
There was a chair where i
socialized joyfully.
There was a time when I
don’t tend to get sleepy
For what is on my mind
are my classmates, truly.
The nine months fast vanished
and is now called the past.
The final month is here.
Why did it come so fast?
How playful is Chronos
to forward time so swift
And how hurtful it is
to see it go and drift
As I cross out the days
on our calendar
As I daze out the skies
and take a peek at stars
They resemble the pearls
that make my classmates see
The two spherical eyes
filled with glitters of glee.
The days are near its end;
schedules going hectic
Sleepless, gloomy nights
and days of great panic.
Projects that are copious
with annoying deadlines
But in a week or two
Everything would be fine.
O, how I wish it’s true
that everything’s accord
Normal in all actions,
and right to every word
Behind my greatest laughs
are thoughts that this is last.
Behind my jolly cheers
are silvers turned to rust.
Twenty crosses on March
alarms me greatly now
The days are running out,
I need to move somehow
Vacation is approaching,
students should be happy
But on my lonely mind,
it is a tragedy.
Goodbye to our classroom
the place of great laughter
The home of affection
and everyone’s shelter
Goodbye to my classmate,
the sources of my strength,
The painters of my fate,
the measure of my length!
Each classmate is a friend
a brother, a sister
like when you needed help,
feeling like you’ll totter,
A helping hand will reach,
offering with delight.
And it will pull you up,
sets you ready for flight.
The sun had set and rise
and the cycle resumes
And as I wave an arc,
there’s one thing I assumed.
These farewells I’m tracing,
by my hands, to the air
Might be sent to someone
Who gave me love and care.
I’ll miss you my classmates
I’ll treasure you like Gold.
Thanks for the memories
for it will not grow old.
Forever it will stay
and dwell in my touched heart
For what you drew on me
is a great piece of art.

April 23, 2009

Recognition Speech

Back on April 7, I was given the oppotunity to deliver a message on our recognition day. So, here it is…

The road for us is long and winding. We have passed through slow bottlenecks, difficult U-turns and windy flyovers. We have weathered heat and cold, travelled far and wide and crossed boundaries to places we have never been to.

Life had never been easy for us, and challenges constantly come to interfere. They will constantly try to pepper us and crush us down into our knees. Today, we proved that these problems are never too big for us. We proved who we are, what we do and why we are here.

To all the awardees, you are seated here, and you are one of the chosen few to be in this momentous event. And as I speak, your hearts should be beating joy and your lungs should be inhaling pride, for here you are, in this time, in this place, in this wonderful recognition of all your achievements year-round.

Congratulations, for this symbolizes your efforts – all the wrinkles, the eyebags, the tears, the pimples, the bad hair days, the “no cellphone” or “no computer” days, the student life in summary. What you have done the whole year-round is a great milestone, for seeing me here, standing, in this event, means that you are one of the chosen few that outshine everyone else. As I would like to say, you are all “survivors”, you outwitted, outplayed and outlasted everyone to be here.

As students, we have passed through endless examinations, surprise quizzes, strict deadlines, effortful projects, in-depth recitations and troublesome group works. Indeed, the road had been unfriendly. It had pushed us to our limits. But, guess what, here we are today, ready to receive the little yet meaningful award for our hardships. No more sleepless nights, awardees, for you can now sleep long at night, with your awards held tight.

But remember, our journey is never over, we are only on the first part of the road that we are taking. What’s for us next academic year is still unknown. Going deeper and farther onto the road means we have to be stronger and smarter, for more bumps, turns and curls are on the way. Remember to keep your eyes looking straightforward on the right path. We have bright futures, for we have excelled in our own fields, and let nothing and no one destroy this. We have shown that we are excellent in conduct, academics and sports. May we continue this greatness in the following years.

To our teachers, it had been ten months since we first entered the classrooms you teach, and after that, we had grown into what we are today. We owe you a year full of learning and bonding, and the legacy that you have left on us will remain here on our hearts.

For more than two hundred days, you have been with us, and the times that we shared together were worth looking back to. Of all the things that you have done to us, a big “Thank You” and for all the lapses we committed, a deep “sorry”.

To our parents, today, we will proudly show you the fruit of our efforts. It has been ten months, and we both did our parts this year. You have raised us to be what we are today, and here we are, bringing back the honor to you. What you have done to us is such a great influence on our lives. Having your presence here today is a simple thing we have to give thanks to, for it means that you appreciate all of our efforts.

Seeing dozens of parents by this moment is really heart-warming, for I see smiles, signifying that you are proud of us. I see glowing eyes, showing enthusiasm to go up the stage with their talented children. I see mommies in make-up and daddies in their best shirt, which makes me conclude that you appreciate this special day for your sons or daughters.

As parents, you have always been there on our sides on whatever we endeavor. You may sometimes restrict us on doing what we like, but that made us better persons. We learn to know our limitations, both as your siblings and as students.

You have also been worried the whole year, on our studies, on our safety and on our health. You might apprehend some of having overnight stays with classmates for projects, round-the-clock caffeine sessions for reviews or hundreds upon hundreds of pesos spent. But, mom and dad, those days have ended, for we are about to harvest the fruit of all your worries for us.

We know that we disappoint you sometimes, and we are trying our best to impress you. We know that we cause problems, but as much as possible, we try to bring you joy and not worries. We know that we are sometimes the reason on why you frown or get angry, but all we wanted to do is to make you happy. Today, with all of our hearts as awardees and siblings, we hope that we made you happy this day, that you’ll appreciate our yearlong efforts and that we had made you proud this day.

You have raised us to be proud students, and it is right for you to be proud parents.

To the awardees and their proud parents, congratulations.

April 14, 2009

The Recognition Day II – The Three-Hour Twist

“This practice was very tiring, and I got to go home now. The time now is 12:30 pm, and we need to get back to this very room at 2:00 pm, in our school uniforms.”

That was the plan, but I didn’t follow it. After my hands relentlessly beat the metallic pieces of the xylophone rhythmically, I deserve a reward for myself, and that is –EAT! I persuaded Charlene to treat me, and we both settled to the agreement that she pays half of my lunch. :D

We ate at KFC, and it was a meal slowly eaten. Of course, in every meal by III-Gold, chatting is inevitable. And that’s what we did, we chatted the whole time we ate. We just can’t stop our mouths from doing it. That made us slow, and the time now was 1:20pm, 40 minutes from the time Kuya Canono marked.

Well, that 40 minutes is so, so, so SHORT! the average commuting time from main gate to Clark is 12 minutes, not mentioning the newly-erected traffic light on the SCTex South Interchange. If unfortunate, that average travel time may grow to 15 minutes, if the jeepney has passengers on the far outreach of Gil Puyat Avenue, the Texas Instrument billion-dollar construction project and the Luentai Annex at Sampo. Multiplying it by 2, I will get the product of 30 minutes, which is the commuting time back and forth Clark’s Main Gate.

I will ride two jeepneys before I get home. First is the Checkpoint – Holy – Highway route, then the Main Gate – Gil Puyat Avenue – Air Force City Route. The Checkpoint travel time, is by my calculations, at least 5 minutes in average. Mulitplying it by 2, because I’m travelling back and forth, gives me the answer of 10 minutes.

Let’s do more math. 30 plus 10 is equal to 40 minutes. Exact, right? I’m in the nick of time! Nah.. I have more minutes to spend before I get back on time. First, the stationary times. Waiting for a jeepney to be filled in the rarely ridden Main Gate terminal takes 5 minutes, on normal school days during afternoon, when students are coming home. At lunch time ‘til 3pm, the passenger rate plummets deep; and the jeepneys fill at an average of 20 minutes. I will be lucky if I will see the jeep full, but totally unlucky if the slow barker is already giving the total collection of the passengers’ fare to the driver.

And that was the case. I went to the terminal with the slow barker giving the total collection to the greedy driver. I could have ridden in the front, but I was with one of my classmate and I could not leave her. So, there was no choice but to wait for the next slow jeepney to line up. I also don’t know to the drivers on why they line up so slowly. Know why? Because here is what they are doing. All of the jeepneys are parked on a fenced vacant lot behind the sparsely passed through road on which they line up. The barker will effortfully scream their plate numbers from a list of three-digit orders written in a small blackboard. Now, if they know that their turn is near, why wouldn’t they already line up, or why will the barker call for the next jeepney after the previous jeepney had left. That situation cost me five minutes.

The jeepney ride was dull as the smoke it releases was polluting. I feel mute for I feel stressed from all the time management I need to carry out. Unfortunately for me, the jeepney passed through different sections of is routes, almost all the possible places it can go through. The ill-fated situation of passing through Texas Instruments that I am telling you earlier became my destiny, making it the worst timing for me ever!

At last, I got home, and the time is 2 pm, maybe by now, Chica and Danielle are now on the Drum and Lyre room, and I am still walking the road to my humble home.

I pushed the screened door, went straight to the sofas, and lied down. I removed my shoes, and my socks releasing the stench stress of my sockets to spread in the room, hoping that the odor is not too strong to suffocate my family. I lied for five minutes on the sofa, relaxing my body with every second of it. Time management flew out of my mind, because all I have in my mind is rest.

After my brief relaxation period, I stood up, reached out for my speech and made some editions to it. When we practiced our recognition rites, I noticed that my speech was too long, for everyone was so quiet. There are too possible answers on why there are so quiet, maybe they are interested on my speech, or maybe the speech is too long. Since high school students are rarely interested in speeches, probably, they find my long speech so boring. So, I shortened it up, made some style corrections and rephrased some of the words. What was a two-page speech, became a 1 and ¼ page talk.

After the short editing session, I dressed up, brushed my teeth, sought for the invitation, pocketed the awardee ribbon, asked for some money, wore my unshined shoes, and went away. And grrrrrr…. After the ticks and the tocks of the tiny clocks, the passing-by of the clouds on the sky, the glimpses of my neighbors, there I was standing, standing for almost 30 minutes and no jeepney was at sight.

To my dismay, I saw my mother and my sister, also walking to wait for a jeepney. They are going with me, but the original plan is that I go first, for I am needed urgently. But geez, the slow circulation of the jeepneys in this seemingly remote and uncivilized area gave me gigantic time problems! The time now is 3pm, and not only did I exceed the call time for the Windchime, but I am also passing through the benchmark for the awardees! The third year level coordinator reminded us to be on the Multi-Purpose Hall by 3pm, and computing it with the commuting time, it’s confirmed, I will be late!

More minutes float away, and after 20 minutes, a jeepney appeared. Whoooh! What a spark of hope! But in another twist, the jeepney was full, and it cannot accommodate another passenger.

The ceremonies will start at 4pm, and as of now, I am on critical level! I have no time to lose! As the minute hand of the clock turns more and more clockwise, my sister finally thought of calling someone for some transportation. (I don’t know how she does that) In five minutes, service came at last, and we can now all go to the Hall. We will be getting there on time, but not for me! :D

Finally, we were dropped in front of Robinsons Place Angeles, and my mother said that I run now and they will just follow. I didn’t run. I just walked fast, there is no need to rush, for I will be getting there on time!

I entered the High School Department, and I felt so nervous that the processional might have already started, I will be sitting at the back then if that happens. I am listening for any tunes of Aida March, or the voice of Chica or Ma’am Quillao on the microphone. I hear nothing. I saw Sir Agustin, and he was screaming at my direction, “Hoy, dalian mo na! Ikaw na lang ang hinihintay!” And until now, I don’t know if he was talking to me or to someone at my back.

I was not late. :D Thank God! whhoooooohhhh…. :D

April 12, 2009

Recogniton Day I - Windchime Mishaps

April 7, 2009. No one is more enthusiastic than I am, for it was my last recognition day at high school. Next year, I will be a graduating student, and I can no longer see wise freshmen being tested for new techniques on recognition on the stage.

My day started with a practice of Windchime. The sun was shining bright, and so is my face. I didn’t bring my identification card with me, as I do not know where to find it. I hurriedly went out the house, with the old I.D. of my brother, which is very similar to the I.D. I use as a high school student.

I am late. I rode the jeepney at around 8 am, and the call time was – guess what – 8 am, too! The jeepney’s wheels continue to roll like a never-ending roulette spinning in the lusty casino room. As I gaze upon empty fields, lifeless clouds and the black smoke coming out of the exhaust, I was thinking of Tagalog words, for I am composing the tagalong version of Moment of Truth. (By the way, the copy of it is available on our forum site: http://www.gold0809.forumotion.com)

The C-point jeep that I rode was kinda weird. I was one of the last passengers to board, and I felt that everyone was looking at me, maybe a result of severe paranoia that I frequently experience. All of the passengers seems to serve as an acquaintance to each other, with me, on my Intrams T-shirt bearing the name of my school, being the outcast of the group. They are so noisy, with one talking to the driver, another talking to four other passengers, and some talking on their phones.

Passing payments and changes became a whole jeepney affair, as one man gets active and noisy in financing. Everyone was in a high mood, and we are like a jukebox with annoying noises coming out, and unfortunately for me, I was inside.

At last, after slowly crossing the white pedestrian lane, I got the chance to shout “Para po!”

I stood up, with my back bent at a fairly high angle. Slowly, I walked down the cramped center aisle of the jeepney, and I nearly went out of balance. I jumped out of the “jukebox” jeepney, and I crossed the busy asphalt road on the thick white lines of the pedestrian lane.

As I enter the gates that I wouldn’t enter for two months, I felt ten percent nervous. My I.D. is a fake, and every I.D. states that it is “non-transferrable”. Luckily, as I walk under the messy-looking ground floor of the incomplete building, no keen eye was watching; no guard is at sight.

I quickly walked the steps leading to the High School gate, for it is much safer inside the high school compound. Reaching it was a great relief, but another concern popped out on my mind. The place was eerie, shrouded in total silence. The bird’s chirps are absent and so are the voices of the faculty members. What concerns me the most is that, the Windchime is the noisiest organization on Systems Plus, for we have resounding drums and annoying high-pitch metallic lyres that can easily wake up a Sleeping Beauty.

There was nothing but total silence.

I approached the fourth year building, where the Drum and Lyre Room is. Still, there wasn’t any sound. I felt sad, for I really do not want to go home. It will feel like I have wasted P38 of fare for nothing. I walked nearer. I held the cold doorknob, and slowly twisted it, hoping that someone is inside, and that it is silent because Kuya Canono, our drum and lyre trainor, is saying his sermon.

The door was locked. My optimism kicked in, and I told myself that I should try the other door. I know that door was never locked, for its doorknob is busted. The only thing that keeps it closed is a wooden rostrum behind.

I pushed it vehemently, and inside is a bald table with its wooden top slanting against the wall. The drums are idle, waiting for some hands to beat on it. The lights are closed, and so are the air conditioners. The deafening silence was crawling beneath my skin, and thoughts came rushing up my mind.

Is this the end? Will I now go home? Where have they gone? Is there any practice? Did they go somewhere else?

I stayed there for five minutes, wandering foolishly inside the room. I was digging through a carton box in the room, where we found pictures and projects of the past.

Finally, I had enough. I felt so bored and failed that I went out and started my venture out the school campus. I stepped slowly, as I breathe deep. My heart was pumping strongly, my lungs were violently respirating and my muscles were vibrating in misery.

Then, I saw one familiar hairstyle. It was a girl, of a face I have seen before and of a height I am familiar with. I am acquainted with her bag, and the way she runs strikes a memory on me. It was Danielle, and how delighted I am to see a fellow Windchime member in this campus! I quickly accosted him, and started screaming her name.

Her head turned, and it was quickly followed by a halt in running and a twist of her body. She smiled at me, and walked nearer to me, as I do the same.

I told her my story, that I have been up the room and that one was there. Danielle was scared that they might have left to practice to another place, for our “guest coach” knows many places to practice at.

We went up to the Drum and Lyre room, for I guess, she has doubts on my honest words. She thinks that I am joking. We went there, and I have confirmed my honesty – no one was there. I do not know if she was deserted by what she saw, but as to me, it was nothing for I am with someone now.

After going up, of course, we will soon go down, and that was exactly what we did. Coincidentally and very unfortunately, we saw the High School Department’s principal, who has a reputation of speaking in English always. He cracked a conversation with us, and he told us that he is feeling that the flowers will just be wasted and that he cannot donate it to the church because it is Holy Week. He also asked us if we are going to play on the Overture for the Recognition Rites later in the afternoon. Of course, my answer was yes. He stood silent, thinking of a new topic to open, but Danielle and I initiated to leave him, for he nearly saw my invalid ID.

Finally, the Windchimes come in one by one. Next to come is Sarah, and she told us that the practice will actually start at 9 am, she only said that it will start on 8 for she knows that everyone will be late.

After minutes, we started our practice – and the piece was freakishly difficult! Hahaha!

April 8, 2009

My Midnight Dance (poem)

My Midnight Dance
By WhitePanorama :D

The solid roof is wet, the rain is pouring hard,
Inside there is no fret for this day's a reward
The bulbs were all alight spreading great joy throughout
With the dance floor in sight, lovers went in and out

While the charming lyrics play in melodious tones
And dimly-lit optics makes the whole night our own.
Light balls that are colored, spin in dazzling motion;
Suddenly the whole world was filled with affection.

And in their formal wear, I pay my eyes to them
the girls in curly hairs where all lust have thier stems
The boys in coat and ties are reaching out their hands
To girls who, in their eyes, are priceless magic wands.

The formal dinner's through, a fish fillet consumed
A glass of drink or two, a roast beef colored gloom,
A maple chicken meal, a vegetable delight,
Finishing the whole deal completes half of the night.

My two hands get clammy, and they were shaking fast.
I am spreading lilies as I eye on my crush
She is sitting idle waiting for somebody
To complete her day well and make her a lady.

I stretched my knees bravely and stood up on my feet.
I should dance my lady, no matter how imfit!
No matter how ashamed or secretive I am!
Love is such a hard game; I'm ready to play some!

I walked the feary steps, slowly accosting her.
I thought I should have slept so this day won't occur.
But here I am right now, a few feet from the point,
my head is firmly bowed, and glue is on my joints.

I can't move! I can't move! I'm overly nervous!
Have no moves and no grooves, totally fatuous!
How can I dance someone as fair as goddesses
When you're only in one of the low-class races?

Alas! I got the courage! And with that done, I stalked.
And it has been ages since I started my walk.
Her posture was so great, it captivates more boys.
Her walking is so straight and she does it with poise.

Luck was quickly drifted by a forceful current.
In the blues it fainted, made my sadness present.
“O the night was not mine,” my sad soul slowly said.
“Just sit down and don’t whine, drink some water instead.”

Another hand has caught the heart of my lady;
I’m like an astronaut, floating in all empty.
My mind’s fading away like a rock in the space,
And pearls of tears roll down, hydrating my sad face.

Hopelessly, I watch them, do silly things myself:
Sing the nation’s anthem or talk to Santa’s elves.
Everything I will do to calm my lonely heart;
What’s happening is true, accepting it is hard.

Music was still playing, romantic was the mood;
In my seat, I’m praying that they sit down for good.
I deeply close my eyes wish this night be all done.
Inside I pressurize, and it had made me run.

I opened the door wide, breathe deeply in and out.
I really have to hide; the pressure makes me shout.
And I started screaming to the top of my lungs,
“Am I only dreaming? This nightmare is not fun!”

I’m blaming the heavens for what is happening,
For I’m in an oven, panicking and burning!
Then, calmly, I went in, and saw that they’re still there,
And to the chair I lean, spectating at nowhere.

And to my great surprise, somebody tapped my back.
I turned and my two eyes broke open all its locks.
I saw a friendly girl from whom I know a lot.
She changed my entire world, but all I did is strut.

“Hey! Why you look so sad? Uhmmm, don’t you wanna dance?
Do not act like you’re mad, give happiness a chance.
Please stand up, let’s dance now, enjoy this unique night.
Start to smile and don’t frown, you’re giving me a fright!”

With efforts, she pulled me and it made me stand up.
The way she approached me is making my ears clap
She lifted up my world, and now I wear a smile.
She may not be my girl, at least she spent a while.

A while of dancing me is an hour of gladness
It’s total fantasy in its real existence!
And a conversation made my heart jump in beat;
It is one sensation I would like to repeat.

As she hold my hand tight, as the songs were each played.
As the floor receives light, as great love is relayed.
I think deep to my brain, and started concluding,
“Crushes might bring you pain, friends will bring you loving”

Every lovely moment of that dance, of that night,
Made up a monument of friendship in all rights.
As my great midnight dance lifted up my spirit,
Looking at the entrance, I can say, “It’s worth it.”