February 1, 2011

Finding Humanity

Kenneth Manuel
Finding the Lost Humanity

The world’s in sullen black and on the edge of doom;
Yet no one seems to mind the overwhelming gloom.
Take me to a world where humanity exists,
And not where hearts and brains sublimate with the mists.

Reptilian eyes of sins – visions of love’s frailty;
Elegies as voices – cries of morbidity.
Scaly serpents for hair – an overgrowth of greed;
A wolf’s paw for the kill – they’ll make their own race bleed.

When values go extinct and evil prevalent,
When immorality becomes entertainment,
Bring us back to the time when real humans abound
Back when humanity can finally be found.

This was submitted as an assignment to our Humanities class.
The painting above was a surrealist painting and was also painted by me.