September 30, 2012

Crush This

Days pass by as if they were clouds in the sky
First, strolling smoothly; then, gone in a blink of an eye
I am still stuck on that one day six months ago,
The day the show ended, the day you let me go.

They say that time can heal all the pain I feel
But even if overdose was possible, I’d cry in ache still.
Time made love a cancer, a danger, a gripping anger,
A kiss to my wretched fate, a toast as my despair linger

Crush this heart for ever beating for you,
Burn this mind for never stopping to think of you,
If it was just true that we can stop our own agony
Then could this ordeal be my heart’s self-treachery?

I still do weep the tears that only my pillow serves witness
I still do look for you in my lone moments of distress
It’s hatred. It’s hopelessness. It’s haplessness. It’s true.
For both of us, crush this heart for ever beating for you.

Ok. Move on.
Now Playing: Long Gone and Moved On - The Script

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