October 18, 2012

No Less Myself

The sun shines a little brighter today
For reasons I think I know;
All the clouds are white to light gray,
As the teasing breeze flow;
Oh yes, it was a tease, a very pleasing tease
If you’ll grant me one simple wish: leave my sight please.

Allow me a second to remember our past
When we’re what we call “together”
Oh you said that I will be your first and last
The word you said, was that “forever”?
Please spare me one of your little, foolish lies
So you really thought that you were that wise?

Was that an attempt to make me miss you?
Well, I thought you were just trash
Was that an attempt to make me jealous?
Actually, you may kiss your sorry ass.
You have dreamt of me shedding weak tears for you
Here is a surprise, my memories of you are getting few.

I’ll never kneel for you to return
The world’s a better place in your absence
 It’s your loss, not mine. The tables have turned.
Thank your pitiful common sense.
You think that you complete me, and I will need your help;
Baby, you underestimate me, without you I am no less myself. #

Fourth in a series of hate poems.
I hate you.

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Anonymous said...

I really like your bitter posts. :) Gawa kapa. :)) I've been reading all the poems you made. They really make me feel good.